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Our Story

Formerly IC DESIGN-BUILD, Inc. Although the same company, with same people and ownership, we felt the need to rebrand, so our name better reflects the team we are; consisting not only of its principals, but also of our subcontractors and most importantly, our clients.

Construction is necessarily a collaborative effort; we like to consider ourselves the leaders, the spear-headers of a project. But it is only through constant communication and the best disposition of all project members that the project is ultimately completed.

Historically, we were founded as a new home development company, upon joining our combined experience in Real Estate, Architecture and Construction, we remodeled and built new homes for speculation for a number of years, we did not offer our services to others. We learned to master all the links in the Real Estate development chain, from Land acquisition to final delivery and sales of the finished product.

At some point, we started receiving inquiries and we accepted a few projects where our experience in Architecture as well as construction was needed. We then realized our uniqueness for certain types of projects and we have been lucky to have been hired by many Architects and interior designers to make improvements in their own homes.

We try to make our decisions as if we were the Owners since we have been in this position many times, we can understand the individual needs, from a financial perspective, design and final product standpoint.